Muay Thai

Best gym for Muay Thai in the area hands down. Don’t even think about anywhere else. Jeff does a great job keeping the place lively. The rest of the staff are positive and supportive, and I’ve met some great friends and mentors in here. Recommend it to everybody!

Eduardo Zuloaga, Student

Learn the most devastating striking system for sport or self defense.

Muay Thai, the art of eight limbs, utilizes fists, shins, knees, and elbows with incredible force.  It is so effective that it’s the primary striking art used in mixed martial arts competition today.   It is also the most useful and efficient form of striking for self defense because it has techniques that can be used in both the clinch (close proximity contact) and a distance.

The practice of Muay Thai also provides an incredible full body workout that will challenge and push you physically and mentally.

  • Burn fat
  • Build confidence
  • Gain strength and endurance
  • Relieve stress
  • Learn self defense
  • Develop striking power & accuracy

No Experience Required – All skill levels welcome!

Our Muay Thai classes are structured to accommodate all skill and interest levels whether you just want to learn a new skill, a means of self defense, or want to fight professionally, our program will flex to your needs and interest.  There are no prerequisites and is open to anyone including people who have never trained in martial arts.

All classes are conducted in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.  Come see how our Muay Thai program can help you significantly enhance your overall health, ability to defend yourself, and build confidence so you can live your best life.


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